99Seconds NA Release Date and Gameplay Trailer

The saga continues after 99Bullets
EnjoyUp Games today announced that 99Seconds, a retro-style video game, where you can modify time to avoid all kinds of dangers, will be available in North America on May 31st, 2012. After finishing off Black Eye in 99Bullets, V-99 entered a mysterious zone called Bit 8, without knowing why V-99 could modify time, slow it down and even stop it. But everything became complicated with the appearance of the BLACK VECTORS: mysterious beings that aim to destroy any intruder who reaches Bit 8. The concept of 99Seconds is to survive using SlowDown to control time and avoid the enemies. Blue Energies will appear during the game that will give you extra time. When the time reaches zero, you will not have the SlowDown power, and if you are hit, you will be defeated.
A new gameplay movie is now locally mirrored.