Mercenary Ops Closed Beta Signups and Screens

Become one of the greatest mercenaries the world has to offer
Along with these five fresh screenshots, Kalends announced they are accepting applications for the upcoming closed beta test of Mercenary Ops, a third-person shooter that implements cover-based mechanics and an active reload system as the foundation of the game's design.
The first group of beta testers will be allowed in on June 20, 2012. During this beta test phase, players will be able to do battle in 6 different intense game modes and across a number of dynamic maps. Those that participate will get to experience the fast-paced action of the competitive online multiplayer matches along with the cooperative missions of up to 8 players against deadly hordes of AI controlled enemies and mini-bosses.
Mercenary Ops will be free to download and play at launch this summer. The game features an optional microtransaction system that allows players to unlock and customize their weapons and equipment through special upgrades; all of which can also be obtained through the game's loot system.