Soldner Secret Wars v28610 Patch and Dedicated Server

Along with a new dedicated server (American and European versions), Wing Simulations has released a new patch for Soldner Secret Wars - check full story for list of changes/fixes. Related downloads: second multiplayer demo, second multiplayer demo patch. Check also our interview and our preview for details about the game. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Soldner Secret Wars v28610 Patch (19.1 MB)
  • Soldner US Standalone Server v28610 (182.8 MB)
  • Soldner EU Standalone Server v28610 (182.8 MB)
  • List of changes/fixes: Soldier: Parachutes wont open automatically any longer Soldier: Fixed a "No Head" bug (IR active when entering a vehicle) Soldier: Fix for Multiple death on spawn (result of hammering the "play" button during lag) Soldier: Head bobbing implemented in 1st person view mode Commander: Commander cant assign himself targets any longer Commander: Added Transparency mode for commander mode Commander: Fixed camera problem in Commander Mode Commander: Waypoints set by your commander will now be shown in the radar too Commander: Split Team funds now works again Commander: Commander will now see all assigned tasks Commander: All Commander Tasks will be removed at the end of a round and/or a map restart Commander: Fixed a crash which occurred when two team members received the same attack target by the commander Commander: Fixed "frozen-soldier bug": when leaving commander mode after commander kit was used Commander: Vehicle controls are disabled when in commander mode Vehicle: No more "Crazy heartbeat" after leaving a Vehicle Vehicle: Vehicles no longer bouncing/jumping on spawn or entering Vehicle: Fixed the infamous wormhole bug (player get warped through map when leaving a vehicle in rare occasions) Vehicle: No more third person scope when a teammate is entering a vehicle while the driver is using the scope. Vehicle: Brake fix, due to the physic changes in the last patch the brake-settings got to weak. They are back to full power again. (send us feedback) Vehicle: Fixed a CTD which occurred when a "hooked" vehicle got shot of the hook and the Pilot of the Helicopter pressed "h" at the same time Vehicle: Vehicle Controls work properly now while the player map is open Vehicle: Fixed a bug where it was possible to enter a Vehicle while inside the 2nd level of a building Player Map: The player map now also works in Flyers Player Map: The player map now starts in transparency mode by default Player Map: Added option to display player nametags in the player map. Press "," on the Num Pad to change between the options Game Mode: Flag posts in Conquest mode are much more solid now Game Mode: All Game Modes now have a default time limit setting. Example: Conquest 45 Minutes. This can be adjusted by the server admin Weapon: Grenades shots from the Milkor will now have proper Collision detection Weapon: The knife doesn't disappear anymore when you carve a team logo Weapon: The progress bar won't be displayed anymore when using a knife on something different than a building Weapon: Fixed a Desktop Crash which occurred when Rockets missed their target and didn't stop flying Joystick: "X" and "Z" axis are now fixed for flyers Joystick: Joystick support must now be manually activated to use Server: Added an option to password protect LAN servers Server: Added "ServerKeepAlive File" (for automated restart of crashed or frozen servers) Server: Overall stability of the stand alone server improved Appearance: Fix and optimization for rendering of 3D Particles Appearance: Fixed Problem with lost Tree textures after ALT & TAB during loading Score List: Team list fix, team list always visible when more than 8 players Terminal: Player stops now automatically when opening a terminal while running Effect: Added new explosion effect for Hydra rockets Portal: Enabled double-clicking to join a server Net code: Network bandwidth improvements and fixed the estimated bandwidth Balancing: Team kills will only reduce the cash from the team killer and not any longer from the team cash Portal: Player numbers in the server list should be accurate now (still working on optimization and the Ping update) Balancing: Conquest-caps drop much slower now when a team lost all flags but still has people in game Single Player: Fixed a bug where upon leaving the terminal after having equipped a teammate the camera would remain fixed and controls would remain disabled