PixelJunk 4am Released and Trailer

A Virtual Audio Canvas that uses PlayStation Move, giving you the power to craft music in a unique new audio-visual experience
Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that PixelJunk 4am, a music video game and music visualizer developed by Q-Games, is now available exclusively for PS3. Each song has 4 track instruments you can use: a Drum, Bass, Rhythm and Synth. Each track then has 4 different looping samples and four one-shot sounds in space around you that you can use. All of the loops and samples are different for each song as well, meaning events can have up to (4 loops + 4 one-shots) x 4 tracks x 5 songs = 160 different sound samples to pull from and mix however you like.
Each of the four tracks has unique Effects living on different axes in space around you (like a giant 3D Kaoss pad for those of you into DJing and synths). Using these effects (reverb, low/high pass filter, flanger, ringmod, chorus and more), you can modulate the original sound samples into something completely different.
A new trailer is now locally mirrored.