Runes of Magic Chapter V Fires of Shadowforge Revealed and Screens

Frogster provides details on the two new classes in Runes of Magic
Along with these screenshots, Frogster unveiled some details on the Champion and the Warlock, two new classes included in Fires of Shadowforge, the fifth chapter of the fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic.
Like the Warlock, the Champion class will only be available to the Dwarves. One of the unique abilities of this class is its capacity to transform into a Runic Robot. This form allows for additional devastating magic and attacks that are particularly useful in melee combat, making the Champion very effective at soaking up damage. The Warlock's fighting style is characterised by long-range attacks and sapping enemy strength. Through exhaustive experimentation with the dark magic of the Shadowforge Dwarves, this class has developed techniques for harnessing spiritual energy in order to become powerful spellcasters.
Fires of Shadowforge will be available later this month.