Heroes & Generals Closed Beta Test Begins and Beta Videolog

Soldiers from across the world are invited to help redefine a genre
Reto-Moto today announced the start of the closed beta test for Heroes & Generals, a video game that introduces an unprecedented mix of frontline shooter gameplay and strategic campaign management in a massive-scale multiplayer online war. Heroes & Generals promises to deliver a full blown first-person shooter experience, complete with intense infantry and vehicle combat in a wide variety of modes and missions, fought on behalf of the Axis or Allies.
As your customizable character advances in rank, you might join a small squad of elite soldiers operating behind enemy lines, or fall-in with a larger section fighting an epic battle for a strategic bridgehead. Each conflict takes place across diverse battlegrounds including contested cities, factories, airfields and war torn country-sides, each one represented on the strategic map with hundreds of key locations. As these battles are waged, resources and global strategies are managed on a tactical overview map linked to the game's War Server. Here, players who choose to be strategic officers will have the entire map at their disposal and can decide how to manage battlefield assets and where to push the attack.
A new videolog is now locally mirrored.