Arma 3 Lighting Showcase Trailer

A developer's look a some of the lighting at work, and a sneak peek at some of the forthcoming E3 2012 content (3:45)
Bohemia Interactive has released a new video and three more screenshots for ArmA III, showcasing day and night cycles in the game. In related news, a new developer's interview on the graphical advancements in the Real Virtuality engine for Arma 3 can be found here. The interview elaborates on the impact of lighting on the aesthetics, gameplay and performance of Arma 3. According to Lead Artist Pavel Guglava, most progress was made via the improvements in HDR (High Dynamic Range), which relates to how picture brightness adjusts to lighting conditions in a scene (further clarified in the interview).
ArmA 3 is scheduled to be available exclusively for PC in Q4 2012.

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