Enhancement Pack for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

An enhacement pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now available for download, adding new skins for axis, helmets, boots, new weaponskins, medicpacks, documenst, new flags, minemakers, teamdoors and new sounds. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Enhancement Pack (26.5 MB)
  • ================================================= = ET:Pack = = Skins by City][Schubi = ================================================= This package is part of a set of different skin and sound packs for Enemy Territory. The serie is labeled as: x_.pk3 ================== = how to install = ================== Remove any other sound and skin packs in your "etmain" folder an in your modfolders (like "etpro") of your "Enemy Territory" folder! Copy all ".pk3" files in the "etmain" folder of your "Enemy Territory" directory. That's all! NOTE: Will NOT work on pure servers, until this server contains the mod! Do not *rename* this file! OTHERWISE IT WILL *NOT* WORK!!! =================== = to server hosts = =================== It would be easier for the public if the servers are labeled as a host for custom packs. So if you host a server and it is allowed to use skin or sound packs, or you uploaded this packs, please label it for the public. ================== = special thanks = ================== Testing: Berzerkr (GER), OBC-Freeman, City][Sepp, City][kc2k, City][Fidel, City][CDFresser, City][Timelord, HerrK, silver and to all others, that I forgot! GFX: CobraCommander, Berzerkr, xlr8shun and Chappy for using some of their well done graphics! :WS:Tspoon for using his marvellous fonts and for skinning the logo! Chappy for the helmetskin! =e=jama for his excellent skills in making md3 files!!! Server: NETPLAY-U-PLAY ET PRO (they didn't know it, but I've been using their server to try out the skin and sound packs, I joined as a "SPECTATOR" and blocked other players! ;) ==================== = to other modders = ==================== If you like to use scripts, graphics, sounds or anything from these packages, THEN JUST ASK! =========== = contact = =========== WolfensteinCity: http://www.rtcw-city.de Email: schubi@rtcw-city.de