Dead or Alive 5 Lei Fang vs Zack Gameplay Trailer and Screens

The video confirms that Lei Fang and Zack are playable characters (1:35)
We have a new gameplay movie and twenty more screenshots from Dead or Alive 5 showcasing this game due to be available in September 2012, for PS3 and Xbox 360. Boasting all new style and even deadlier techniques, each of the new characters reflects a new look and feel complimenting the intense new generation of Dead or Alive combat.
The battle between Lei Fang and Zack takes place in a dynamic new stage known as The Show, where fighting entertainment unfolds before your very eyes under the bright lights of big top! Tigers, rings of fire and ball-balancing clowns on trampolines - The Show is brimming with monkey business just waiting for some intrepid fighters with the moxie to put on the greatest show ever seen.