Resistance: Burning Skies Available Now and Trailer

Popular PlayStation franchise ushers in a new era of portable gaming with dual-analog control, competitive multiplayer and innovative social networking features
Releasing a new video, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Resistance: Burning Skies, a new Resistance game developed by Nihilistic Software for PlayStation Vita, is now available in North America and Europe. Chronicling the initial days of the brutal Chimeran alien invasion along the United States' eastern seaboard, Resistance: Burning Skies introduces players to a FPS experience with dual-analog sticks for precision shooting and navigation and signature PS Vita controls for added functionality including, front and rear touch screens for secondary weapon fire and sprint mechanics, and social networking features through the location-based service, "near".
Resistance: Burning Skies also brings back franchise hallmarks like unique 1950's Americana locations, the fan-favorite weapon wheel with trademark and all-new weaponry, and classic and new Chimeran enemies. In addition to the single player campaign, the title also supports the first competitive multiplayer shooter for PS Vita, allowing players to take the fight against the Chimera with them, anytime and anywhere.