Website/Screens NHL 2005

Electronic Arts has opened the official NHL 2005 website which contains videos, info and screenshots - the last ones are available in our gallery for PC, Xbox, GC and PS2 versions. NHL 2005 will ship in this Fall and will be the first game of the series which will feature Xbox Live support. Thanks: GameGossip.
New Features Open Ice Control: Seamlessly switch between players with or without the puck with the push of a button. Total Player Awareness: With more player awareness than ever before, make saucer passes just before the blueline, call in a second defender to break up a 2-on-1, or fire off wrist shots at the perfect angle on net. Face-Off Playbook: New playcalling system allows you to choose offensive and defensive face-off strategies every time the whistle blows. The World Cup of Hockey: Take part in this year's World Cup of Hockey featuring teams from USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and more . All-New Skating Engine: Glide then use explosive speed to get to the open ice -- now you have more puck-handling and turning control. The Drill: One net, one goalie, and every man for himself. Up to four can play and the one who scores the most wins.