Allods Online Astral Storm Update Client

Latest expansion brings friendly mentorship and fierce competition to the community
Gala Networks Europe has released the game client for Astral Storm, the latest update for Volume 5: Game of Gods, the newest content expansion to Allods Online. Players of the same class can now team up to level and get items with the new mentor system. Mentors receive free items and novices will learn how and when to use their skills under their mentor's guidance. You can join a friend who already plays Allods Online and train to match their level quickly, or take advantage of the automated matchmaking system to make new friends in the game.
In addition, Tep's Curse has been permanently removed. Death no longer results in a cursed item, and the Holy Charms needed to remove curses have been banished from the game. On top of that, questing has been smoothed out with the addition of special indicators on the map, quest log, and quest items to make organizing quest objectives a snap.