Hearts of Iron: Their Finest Hour Announced and E3 2012 Screens

A new expansion that offers players a greater connection to the period's history and new ways to jump straight into the action
Along with these screenshots, Paradox Interactive announced Their Finest Hour, a new Hearts of Iron expansion scheduled to be available later this year. This third expansion comes with expanded espionage system with new and reworked missions, including new covert operations that can be performed on the map. It also offers a new 'battle plans' mode where you can load historical plans, or draw your own and share with your allies in real-time in multiplayer games.
Their Finest Hour also features a new custom game mode for both single and multiplayer. You start with a clean slate and can instantly produce units, research technologies and affect political alignment before the game begins. This allows you to model interesting 'what-if' scenarios and speeds up the early years for those who would like to jump straight into the action with no slow build-up.