Broken Sea Announced

Assemble your party and steer your order back to greatness in a new tactical RPG
Neocore Games has announced Broken Sea, a PC party-based tactical RPG that takes place in a world of high magic, action-packed battles and grand storytelling. Once, the mighty Empire dominated every inch of the world… or so the legends claim. Today, the Empire is nothing more than myth, until its legacy suddenly resurfaces in the form of an unexplained attack, and players must trace its path back across the frozen northlands in search of answers.
Beginning the game as a respected member of your order in an almost-forgotten monastery, players will seek out the colossal Dominion Ship - the last of its kind - and journey to the massive archipelago that once prospered under the rule of the Emperor Mages. Assembling their own party of heroes, players must face tactical battles and explore the unknown in order to survive, and restore their once-great order.