Spy Fiction: Screens #4

Sammy Studios has released 18 new screenshots (available also in our gallery) from Spy Fiction, showcasing this upcoming action-stealth video game developed by Access Games. Spy Fiction will be released in this Fall, exclusively for PS2.
Spy Fiction is an action-stealth game combining exciting espionage action with a thrilling story line. Assume the identity of others and steal identifying characteristics like voice and appearance. Play action-oriented mini-games such as parachuting and rappelling. Use new gadgets like the optical camouflage transparent suit, spider grips and more. FEATURES * 3rd Person Action-Stealth game introducing the ability to steal identities and assume the appearance, voice and other characteristics of enemies * Seamless combination of stealth, action, puzzles & mini-games such as parachuting and rappelling * Host of new gadgets like the 3DA cam, spider grips, remote mini cams, patch grenades and more allow for novel ways to avoid detection * Intriguing storyline drawn from genre-defining espionage films * Interior and exterior stages, with settings from around the world ranging from classic spy film locales to modern day hot-spots of conflict * 2 playable characters, with multiple endings and story paths, secret missions and unlockable skins