The Repopulation Unveiled and Screens/Trailer

A sandbox oriented MMORPG with an eye on innovation
The Repopulation is a MMORPG in a sci-fi setting with sandbox-oriented gameplay that features a heavy focus on random, generated and player created content, while still retaining much of the Player vs. Environment (PVE) gameplay. The game is completely skills based, with no levels. Skills can be increased through use, and by splicing DNA which can be obtained by completing missions or other sources. It supports two modes of combat: Action and RPG. Action Mode allows you to aim and shoot, where RPG mode utilizes more traditional MMORPG combat with action bars and cooldowns.
The Player vs. Environment game is driven through an advanced generated mission (quest) system, an advanced event system named Engagements, and through a wide variety of non-combat options such as harvesting, crafting, diplomacy, city building, vehicles, pet and rogue opportunities. Players who prefer non-combat activities are not forced into combat.
Player vs. Player (PVP) combat centers around the war between OWON and the FPR nations. In addition to the two major factions, players can also create their own Rogue Nations. They can construct and micro-manage cities, besiege the cities of their enemies, earn military rank, declare alliances or wars on other nations, and compete in generated missions and events focused around the war.
The Kickstarter page is located here - six screenshots and a gameplay video have been inserted in our download area.