Retrovirus Kickstarter Campaign Begins and Trailer

A Descent-inspired six-axis shooter giving players freedom of movement and environments built for off-the-ground combat
Cadenza Interactive has announced the start of a Kickstarter campaign for Retrovirus, a modern take on the classic six degrees of freedom shooter developed exclusively for PC. Should the Kickstarter campaign prove successful, Cadenza will be able to release their Paragon design tool to the public as the game is released, enabling the community to immediately begin modding Retrovirus into their own six-axis adventure.
In Retrovirus, you play as the antivirus agent, battling a powerful virus in a stylized computer environment, akin to Tron and Reboot but with its own twist. Six degrees of freedom adds verticality and complexity to combat engagements not often seen in modern FPS games, and strategic scanning extends your arsenal, reinforcing your role as the antivirus program. Multiplayer will include a cooperative mode through the main story, competitive modes with pacing from classic shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, and a strategic MOBA mode, reminiscent of DOTA, where players push waves of bots past defensive turrets to destroy the opponents base while defending their own.
A video representing alpha gameplay footage from the current build of the game is now locally mirrored.