Gratuitous Tank Battles Demo

GTB is the 'not-exactly-a-sequel' to indie hit 'Gratuitous Space Battles'
Positech Games today released a playable sample for Gratuitous Tank Battles, giving you the chance to try out this RTS/Tower Defense hybrid with online elements and customisable units. Gratuitous Tank Battles is an alternate-history game, set sometime between now and 2214, in a two-hundred year continuous world war one, Patriotic British and German troops continue to wage war across Europe, even though the technology has moved from bolt action rifles through modern day tanks and powerful laser weapons and shields. The armies still make use of guns and tanks, but they are fighting alongside newer, more deadly walking 'mechs'.
Unlike any other tower defense game, Gratuitous Tank Battles gives the player the choice of playing defender or attacker on every single map. It also incorporates customised unit design and a built-in map editor and map-sharing online 'challenge' system which results in an near-limitless amount of gameplay. In a further unique twist, Gratuitous Tank Battles even supports saving out a recording of your attack, and playing against your own decisions in the defense role. Every unit in the game is designed from base components, meaning you will never get entirely used to the units the enemy will throw at you.
You have the option to play GTB as a normal tower defense game, with scripted attacking enemies, or you can even select 'adaptive' AI which places attacking (or defending) units in reaction to the players decisions. If you allow it, the AI can even re-use units that you designed to attack you with.