Escape Plan The Asylum DLC and v1.02 Patch Released

It's an insane time for Escape Plan
Escape Plan owners has received a new DLC named The Asylum via a new patch, Sony Computer Entertainment announced. The gameplay of The Asylum picks up right where Lil and Laarg left off at the end of Escape Plan. Lil and Laarg travel through a sewer pipe, only to find themselves in Bakuki's Asylum. This latest conundrum is filled with padded walls, shocking minions, gruesome blades of mass destruction and even more helpless sheep.
The Asylum DLC also delivers a Lil and Laarg Dressing Room where fans can check out the God and Luchadore Super Pack costumes, with the Poindexter and Super Hero costumes unlockable by playing through all of the 18 Asylum levels.