Cloudstone Open Beta Test on Facebook and Screens

Cloudstone is Nexon's fifth title on the Facebook platform
Cloudstone, a point-and-click, action roleplaying game, is now available in open beta on Facebook, Nexon announced. Developed in conjunction with Los Angeles-based development studio Playsaurus, Cloudstone offers magical, mayhem-filled maps of lush new lands floating in the sky, where players can customize avatars to battle unique and colorful enemies.
Cloudstone offers three character classes, including the close-quarter fighting Warrior, ranged-attack Wizards, and the quick-healing Monk. Players can explore four different islands, where they will fight through up to a dozen dungeons. The dungeons are occupied by cute but deadly monsters, such as "bloops", "fat bats" and "mud balls". Once defeated, these monsters drop gold and valuable items that can be traded in for gear upgrades. The dungeons can be replayed at different difficulty settings where the risks are higher, but the loot drops are more rewarding.
To customize their gaming experience, players can personalize their characters' appearances by changing hairstyles and facial features, as well as selecting from a variety of armor designs and weapon types. Cloudstone also offers an item shop, a practice area, a job board, and a tavern where players can socialize and exchange tales of their wild adventures.
Fourteen screenshots found their way in our gallery.