Skyjacker Demo

Skyjacker is based on the Abyss Lights book series written by project lead, Eugene Zhukov
Skyjacker is a first-person free-roaming space combat game with unique features rarely - or never - seen in other space games to date. The player is the lone human in a galaxy of conflict - abducted by aliens, raised by pirates, wanted by privateers and mercenaries alike. You start on the bottom of the Pirate Stock Exchange and work your way up to the top, not by deliveries and fetch-quests, but through brutal missions like assassinations, sabotage, kidnapping, robberies, infiltrations and extractions.
There is no fixed path. You bid on the jobs you want, and if you screw up, the game doesn't end. When you succeed, you grow in prestige and power; you'll start to receive exclusive proposals and rewards, customize your ship with high-grade parts that fit your style, and build up a crew of dangerous, hopefully-loyal wingmen. There are ten significant alien races, each with unique biological features, social structures, interlocking histories, and star faring technologies - some industrial, some organic, and a few biotech that literally farm their spaceships in deep space.
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Skyjacker Demo (1.15GB)