Birds of Steel Two DLC Packs Released and Screens

New planes, maps and missions added
Along with these twenty fresh screenshots, Konami Digital Entertainment announced that two new DLCs for Birds of Steel are now available via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade. The Battle of Britain DLC adds the Battle of Britain campaign to the game's mission roster, and contains five pivotal single missions, three Versus maps, mission editor layout and the new Dynamic Campaign. The DLC also adds 42,000 lions to the user's profile, allowing further content to be added and new planes to be unlocked.
The Planes Pack 1 DLC focuses on planes, and adds Republic Aviation's P-47 Thunderbolt and a Vought OS2U Kingfisher to the game's stable of authentically-recreated craft. These planes can then be used within Birds of Steel's mission editor, the Dynamic Campaign, and multi-player modes. The DLC also adds 30,000 lions to the user's profile.