Baseball Mogul 2013 Released and Demo/Patch

The baseball game for fans who want their success on the field determined by their strategy, not their reflexes
Sports Mogul today announced that Baseball Mogul 2013, the latestnext installment in the Baseball Mogul series, is now available via its official page. Sports Mogul completely re-wrote the way Baseball Mogul determines the outcome of each pitch, using physics instead of a random number generator, in order to create the most realistic baseball simulation ever. Also, the new Charts Tab on each player's Scouting Report gives you access to a nearly unlimited array of heat maps and visual information. And you can now save and load your Baseball Mogul database as text, making it possible to hand-edit absolutely any part of the database - this also makes it possible for you to build 3rd-party tools that edit or analyze Baseball Mogul data.
A playable demo and a patch have been added in our download area.