Out of Hell 18 June 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Gala Networks Europe announced the third birthday of its action RPG Dragonica by revealing a new series of special PvP maps and a Community Arena.

2. Activision Publishing has announced that the company has formed a strategic relationship with Flurry to establish a new mobile publishing initiative that will identify and assist third-party developers in the development, publishing, distribution and promotion of independent titles on iOS and Android platforms.

3. Elsword is now offering players the chance to explore an entirely new continent, gear up with enviable new weapons and face the most challenging foes to date, Kill3rCombo announced.. Starting off in Hamel, The City of Water, gamers can explore two new dungeons, combat fearsome bosses at the end of each stage and hone their melee combat proficiency to achieve the increased level cap and claim the newest titles.

4. The Botanicula Web Demo can be found on the game's website. Now you can play the first part of the game directly in your web-browser.

5. Chip Henson from Avault has a video interview with Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director for the upcoming Tomb Raider game. Stewart talks about how the new Lara Croft adventure compares with the previous ones, secondary characters you’ll meet, and Lara’s progression from scared shipwreck victim to bow-and-arrow-carrying badass.

Elsword on PC
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