The Secret World Final Beta Weekend on June 22nd

Everyone registered for The Secret World beta before June 22nd will be able to join the battle for world domination in the largest Beta Weekend yet
Funcom has announced that the fourth and final Beta Weekend for its upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game, The Secret World, will start at 9am PDT on June 22nd and runs for almost three entire days until 11.59pm PDT on June 24th. During that time players will be able to experience all the content that has been included in the three previous Beta Weekends, such as all three secret society starter experiences, the town of Kingsmouth, the Savage Coast and the Polaris and Hell Raised dungeons.
Brand new this weekend is the inclusion of player vs. player gameplay, where the secret societies must duke it out in legendary locations such as Stonehenge and Eldorado. Participants will also get to experience the persistent player vs. player war zone of Fusang Projects, where over two hundred players clash together in a massive struggle for server-wide power. The outcome of these battles affects all players belonging to the victorious secret society, across the server.
The Secret World will be launched on July 3rd, 2012.