Air Conflicts: Secret Wars for PS3 Available in Europe

One of the first titles to exploit the full 3D support of PlayStation 3
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, an action-packed aerial combat simulation developed by Games Farm, is now available in Europe for PS3 priced €19.99/£15.99, bitComposer announced. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade aerial combat simulation based on real scenarios in the First and Second World War. The player will fly and fight his way through a total of 49 exciting missions, and can choose from numerous aircraft types with different features for each mission. He will have to complete a range of tasks during the missions, including patrol flights, reconnaissance activities, lightning strikes, bomber and escort flights. Once he has completed the missions, the player can improve his skills to allow him to control his aircraft more expertly or select a better co-pilot for example.
Two control modes are available: in Arcade mode the flight controls are simplified, whereas Simulation mode offers a realistic and breathtaking flying experience. Besides Campaign mode, there are several multiplayer modes for up to eight players that can be played locally and over the Internet.
A playable demo is available via PlayStation Network.