Aeria Games Begins Closed Beta Test for Waren Story and Screens/Trailer

Take on legions of rival players in ferocious large-scale battles in Waren Story
Aeria Games today announced the start of the closed beta testing for Waren Story, a free-to-play MMORPG that features four distinct classes and ten PvP modes to foster competition between players and guilds. A variety of battlefields set the stage on which skilled gamers can vie for supremacy - and each other's precious honor points. An ultimate battlefield also awaits for the bravest and most daring, pitting teams of up to 100 players against each other in a titanic clash.
The game also offers several methods of guild vs. guild conflict for large scale rivalries. Guilds may simply declare war upon each other and attack opposing players anywhere in the world, or enter the Siege War mode for a more organized approach to wholesale slaughter. An invading guild must lay waste to a castle with weapons including cannons, catapults, ballistae, and of course, traditional PvP combat - while the defending guild must hold them off and protect their guild stone.
Seven screenshots and a gameplay video have been added in our download section.