Dust 514 Mercenary Pack Revealed

Exclusive weapons and items, in-game currency and guaranteed neta access
CCP Games today announced that the Mercenary Pack for its upcoming free-to-play massively multiplayer first-person shooter, DUST 514, is scheduled for release later this year exclusively on PS3. The Mercenary Pack provides players with an arsenal of gear, game currency and a booster to expand their opportunities on the battlefield. The pack also includes exclusive items, rewarding early adopters with uniquely styled armor and weapons, in addition to an all-access pass to the closed-beta program running throughout the summer.
DUST 514's first scheduled Beta Event begins this Thursday, June 28, with more following every other weekend. By purchasing the Mercenary Pack, players are guaranteed access to every Beta Event, and have exclusive access to the game on off-weekends. Anyone interested in testing DUST 514 can also sign up here, where they will be chosen at random to participate. All participating players will receive a unique dropsuit for each Beta Event to commemorate their time testing DUST 514.
The Mercenary Pack offers a $50 USD value for a price of $19.99 USD and is now available on the PlayStation Network.