Ground Control 2 New Trailer

Vivendi Universal Games has released a new movie for Ground Control 2, offering almost two minutes of cinematic and in-game footage from this real time strategy game developed by Massive Entertainment. Also, a save game utility fix is available for download: "We have released a utility for those users who unfortunately lost their saved games and profiles after applying the patch. The SaveFixxer utility will allow users to recover the lost save files by importing them into any profile created after the patch has been applied. For those users who have lost their profiles as well as their saved games after installing the patch, this utility can be used to recover the saved games from the deleted profiles as well". Thanks: Blues. Be sure to check multiplayer demo, multiplayer demo patch and the recently released patch (v1.0.0.7) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Ground Control 2 New Trailer (18.9 MB)
  • Ground Control 2 SaveFixxer (218 KB)
  • Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus In Stores Now! June 25, 2004 Vivendi Universal Games and Massive Entertainment are proud to announce that Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus, the next installment in the Ground Control® franchise, is out on the shelves in Europe and Asia today. The game has been finalized and localized in more than 12 languages. The game has received rave reviews for its action-packed strategic gameplay. Command your troops and take control over the battlefield of Morningstar Prime. Win by conquering strategic locations and use the terrain to you advantage. Experience combat under beautiful skies and in stunning landscapes, full of incredible detail. The Northern Star Alliance planet Morningstar Prime, is under attack by the Empire of Terra. As one of the NSA's most promising military commanders, Captain Jacob Angelus is fighting for the survival of his world. But he will soon realize that there is more at stake than the survival of his world. Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus features an extensive and thrilling single player campaign as well as intense multiplayer action. The unique drop-in game play allows for fast paced online battles with players around the world. Massive Entertainment has vowed to support community and multiplayer activities further as the game community grows. With the comfortable and powerful XED Editor the players have limitless possibilities for creating their own maps and campaigns, adding a whole new level of game play possibilities for the future. Quotes: "Massive Entertainment gives us another reason to love tactical RTS games" - IGN "If you want real strategy, then you want a copy of Ground Control II. It's as simple as that." - PCZone "It's clearly one of the best real-time strategy games so far this year." - Gamespot