Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Pack Screens and Trailer

If you purchased the Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass you'll receive the pack free of charge
We have four screenshots from the Local Justice Pack, the first downloadable content (DLC) for Max Payne 3 set to be available on July 3rd for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with the PC version launching on July 17th. This pack includes three new maps for Max Payne 3 multiplayer featuring areas from the game's final chapters, plus a new weapon, a new item, a new multiplayer faction and associated new Achievements, Trophies or Social Club accomplishments.
Additionally on July 3rd, all pre-order and retail DLC will be available for purchase on Xbox LIVE and PSN (and free of charge for those of you who have purchased the Rockstar Pass), which includes the following: Cemetery Map - 160 MSFT Points / $1.99 PSN, Silent Killer Loadout Pack - 160 MSFT Points / $1.99 PSN, Pill Bottle Item - 80 MSFT Points / $0.99 PSN, Deadly Force Burst - 80 MSFT Points / $0.99 PSN, and Classic Max Payne Character - 80 MSFT Points / $0.99 PSN.
PC players will also be able to get the pre-order and retail DLC on July 17th when the Local Justice Pack launches for PC.
A trailer is now locally mirrored.