iPhone/iPad from Hell 28 June 2012

Round up of new Games/Apps for your iPhone/iPad based devices
If you want any iOS based games or entertainment related application added on these roundups, feel free to contact us.

1. Street Flight is a mobile game that consists of flicking paper airplanes with the ultimate goal of achieving the longest flying distance & time. It starts with selecting a glider model, and the fun takes flight from there. With handcrafted artwork, accelerometer, multiple power ups in-flight recharging, and more, this game includes multiple glider modes and a simple pick and flick control. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

2. Caribbean Zombie is a Zombie killing, Caribbean-themed, first-person, slashing battle game. The goal is to kill the attacking Zombies to save the kidnapped fairy. Featuring six Worlds comprised of multiple mission levels, each mission must be accomplished before the player can advance to the next level. Players use screen finger swipes to slash Zombies, obtain points, collect gold coins, and protect the user's ship from the Zombie advance. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

3. Mini Space Fighters is a side view space game, featuring realistic planets, awesome explosion effects and a intense battle game play. This free game includes 2 free planets and 3 different customizable ships, as well as a package offered as in-app purchases that can extend the game with 8 planets with different bosses and physics. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

4. Hasty Words is a quick fire word game that supports a huge dictionary of over 250,000 words. The game offers 4 modes of play and boasts addictive gameplay, slick graphics, a catchy soundtrack and a worldwide leader board. Players select letter chips on screen to create words of 3 letters or more. The object of the game is to score as highly as you can in the allotted time. Get it on iTunes/App Store.