Wipeout 3 Announced

Gear up for all-new nerve wracking, splashtastic fun
Activision Publishing and ABC Entertainment Group has announced Wipeout 3, which gets gamers back on their favorite insane obstacle course game show, complete with updated features, even more wacky characters, and all the epic wipeouts players can handle. Fans will recognize their favorite obstacles like the Sweeper Arms and the Big Balls, but will be blown away by 12 fresh winter and summer course themes with dozens of obstacles allowing for non-stop fun. Players will be running through wild, over-the-top challenges created exclusively for Wipeout 3, experienced through a fun over-the-shoulder perspective, and with a hilarious "Instant Replay" function that will have families and friends in stitches as they watch and relive their worst wipeouts over and over again.
Wipeout 3 is planned to be available this fall, for Xbox 360, Wii and 3DS.