Retrovirus Alpha Demo Released

A Descent-inspired six-axis shooter giving players freedom of movement and environments built for off-the-ground combat
Cadenza Interactive has released an alpha demo of Retrovirus, allowing you to try out this modern take on the classic six degrees of freedom shooter developed exclusively for PC. The demo features roughly twenty minutes of campaign gameplay, playable solo or in co-op. In addition to the campaign gameplay, the demo also features three levels playable in mulitplayer: two fast-paced territory capture “Domination” maps and one strategic "FPA MOBA" map.
In Retrovirus, the player takes on the role of the antivirus agent, fighting off a host of invasive viruses with the fate of the home system in the balance. The game features fast paced "retro" shooter combat, a deep weapons system complete with tactical scanning, and a dual-layer story that lets the player figure out the virus' real world origins.