Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Released

Get ready to gather your friends and family round the TV to experience a colourful world of quirky rhythm games
Featuring 50 brand new rhythm games and the eccentric characters and funny situations that Rhythm Paradise fans have come to know and love, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise launches for Wii across Europe today, Nintendo announced.
From playing golf with mandrill to controlling a flowerpot-punching karate man, everything has to be done in time to the beat to win. You must try not to let the craziness occurring on screen distract you from the music because it is keeping the rhythm that counts. If you do stop to look at what's going on then you won't be disappointed, as each of the 50 rhythm games has their own short story featuring the classic Rhythm Paradise humour. In a European exclusive, fans are able to switch between the Japanese and English soundtracks covering many musical styles.