Kalypso Media gamescom 2012 Lineup

Kalypso will be presenting their key titles for 2012 and highlights for 2013
Kalypso Media sent over a press release unveiling that the following titles will be showcased at gamescom 2012: Legends of Pegasus (PC), The Dark Eye Demonicon (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), DARK (PC, Xbox 360), Omerta - City of Gangsters (PC, Xbox 360), Port Royale 3 (Xbox 360, PS3), Alien Spidy (PSN, Xbox Live, PC), and Dollar Dash (PSN, Xbox Live, PC). Kalypso Media will be in Hall 4.2, Stand #E19 in the business hall and game fans will find the stand located in Hall 6, Stand #A51 in the consumer area.