Rifle Platoon 0.9b Available

Rifle Platoon, the most realistic Call of Duty mod at this time, is now available for download, featuring new weapons (the DP for the russian LMG gunner, and the mobile MG42 for the german LMG gunner), Extensive Class System (with realistic restrictions, multiple loadouts for each class, and special functions for some classes), Complete Fog Of War System (only friends and foes you know anything about are those you actually see), Weight System (you hardly get any speed boost if you switch to pistol or grenades), Locational Damage System (you drop your weapon when you are shot in the hand or arm, and you are forced to prone when you are shot in the legs), Realistic Weapon Handling with damage decreasing the further you are away from your target, reloading by clip with preservation of your used clips, no dual primaries, slower weapon switch times, aim times and reload times, bad accuracy when unaimed and even worse when moving, more realistic weight and damage settings and much more (check full article for details). A map pack is available as well. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Rifle Platoon 0.9b (3.1 MB)
  • Rifle Platoon Map Pack (47.3 MB)
  • Rifle Platoon 0.9b readme Rifle Platoon is a realism mod for Call of Duty. In fact, it is THE most realistic version of Call of Duty! It has most of the realism features which most of the realism mods out there have, as well as some new not-seen-before-in-CoD features. Disclaimer: while every care has been taken to make this a bug and crash free release, this should be considered a beta! I don’t expect any server or even OS crashes to be caused by Rifle Platoon when used with a clean CoD install, but compatibility with other mods has NOT been tested very thoroughly (we do know however that having HLCRCon, a remote admin mod, in the main folder within your CoD install folder DOES cause problems). The best way to run this is with no mods in your main folder. There are sure to be some “simple” bugs or glitches. Also, modders going through the code will find plenty of comments, TODO’s, and redundant, unused, unefficient or unpolished code etc. If you notice anything you think deserves attention, be sure to tell us! Why the name? One of the things this mod tries to enforce, in fact its very basis, is (semi-)realistic squad composition. As the max number of people in a CoD server is 64, and one team of 32 would just about form a rifle platoon (barring the command section), I decided to use it (I first thought of Rifle Squad, as the game is much more likely to be played 10 vs10 or thereabouts, but the RS acronym is already taken a few times J ). Features Here is a list of the feature sets in Rifle Platoon. You’ll find more information about many of the features in their respective feature set explanations further below. n Elimination Gametype n New weapons: the DP for the russian LMG gunner, and the mobile MG42 for the german LMG gunner n Extensive Class System, with realistic restrictions, multiple loadouts for each class, and special functions for some classes n Veteran System rewards players who do well, giving them extra health and sometimes extra loadout options n Complete Fog Of War System means the only friends and foes you know anything about are those you actually see n Weight System means you hardly get any speed boost if you switch to pistol or grenades n Realistic Weapon Handling with damage decreasing the further you are away from your target, reloading by clip with preservation of your used clips, no dual primaries, slower weapon switch times, aim times and reload times, bad accuracy when unaimed and even worse when moving, more realistic weight and damage settings and much more n Locational Damage System makes you drop your weapon when shot in the hand or arm, be forced prone when shot in the legs, and suffer one of several possible effects when your health drops too much, like blackouts or dizzy spells n The Special Menu gives you access to several actions: drop or holster/shoulder your weapon (giving you a speed boost), share your ammo or grenades with your teammates, and for some classes activate your special action (healing for medics, and requesting a mortar barrage for officers) Installation New weapons, new menus needed for the class system, new muzzle flashes, and some more stuff, make this mod clientside; both the clients and the server need to have the pk3 file. We have had mixed success with using server and client auto-download; sometimes it worked flawlessly, while other times it just didn’t. I get the feeling it does work if you have no older version of RP installed or autodownloaded, but your safest bet would be to download the mod outside of CoD, and install it as outlined below. To prevent compatibility problems from occurring with other mods, the best way to install multiple mods is to give each its own folder. These folders should reside in the CoD installation folder (so with a default installation, you’d have a c:program filescall of dutymodname folder, where modname is the installation name of the mod). For Rifle Platoon, this folder should be named RiflePlatoon (without spaces and case-insensitive). Within this folder, you place the rifleplatoon.pk3 file (don’t let Windows fool you into unpacking it or renaming it to rifleplatoon.zip or rifleplatoon.pk3.zip!). Be sure there are no older versions of Rifle Platoon installed, either in the RiflePlatoon folder or in the main folder! A future version will probably have an installer to take care of all this ;-). Starting Rifle Platoon If you install Rifle Platoon according to the above instructions, there are two ways to start the client version: n start CoD, open the mods menu, select RiflePlatoon, and click Activate. The game will restart into Rifle Platoon. n create a copy of the shortcut you use to start CoD, right-click and select Properties, and add the following to the command line arguments: +set fs_game rifleplatoon Note that if you start “regular” CoD, and then join a server running Rifle Platoon, the game will automatically restart into Rifle Platoon. However, you will probably not be able to filter on the Rifle Platoon Elimination gametype then. To start a server running Rifle Platoon, you can add the same to the command line arguments in your shortcut as mentioned above: +set fs_game rifleplatoon. If you run a dedicated server, you need a cfg file with your options, map rotation etc as usual. A sample cfg file is included in the rifleplatoon09.zip file, and you’ll find a description of all the possible settings below. Rifle Platoon Feature Information Elimination gametype Elimination is a very simple gametype, the object being eliminating the other team - kinda like TDM, but round based, without respawns, and with fixed starting points for the team instead of spawning all over the map (spawn points for S&D or Retrieval are used). Class system The name for this mod comes from the real-life platoon structure it’s based on: the rifle platoon, which in turn consisted of three rifle squads (and a command squad). Squad composition. A rifle squad had a pretty standard composition in all WW2 armies, differing only in the number of men in them (ranging from 9 to 12). It was formed by an officer, a second-in-command, an LMG gunner with his loader, and the rest riflemen. Snipers and medics were kept higher up in the hierarchy at the company level, as were SMG’s, to be handed out when necessary (and when time permitted). In this mod, I use 10 players as a base for determining restrictions. For every 10 players or part thereof, a team can have: n one officer n one sniper n one medic n one LMG gunner n two close combat gunners n any number of riflemen (with a minimum required) This means a team with 1-10 players can have max one officer, one LMG gunner etc, while a team of 11-20 players can have two officers, four CC gunners and so on. Additionally, a player cannot pick a “specialist” (non-rifleman) class if there are already more specialists than riflemen, for example a team of 8 or 9 players will always have at least 4 riflemen, a team of 10-11 players will have at least 5 riflemen etc. Of course, if there are 10 players and then all the riflemen leave the server, the team will consist of only specialists... this won’t happen too often, and no action to rectify this is taken (except that anyone joining the team will HAVE to be a rifleman). Loadouts. All classes have a choice of at least two loadouts. This may be a choice between having a pistol or two nades or extra ammo for your primary, or in the case of officers and medics even a choice between only a pistol or a rifle or smg (which choice isn’t as easy as you’d think because of the added weight!). Officer class. The officer is the only class with access to the map, and also the only class who sees his teammates on the compass. In future supported gametypes, the officer will also be the only one who sees the objectives on the compass (unimportant in fixed-objective gametypes, but vital in gametypes where the objective location changes after every round or even during the round). The officer is also the only one who is able to request a mortar or artillery barrage. He can do this through the Special menu (see the Special menu description for more info on how this works). How many barrages an officer can request during a round, how much time must be between two barrages, how many explosions a barrage exists of, and a lot of other features of the barrage, can all be determined by the server admin through the config file, but the default is a maximum of two barrages a round an officer, with at least one minute between them. Also, barrages cannot be requested during the grace period. Medic class. The medic can heal other players. To this end, he has a certain number of medic points (which correspond to health points). The medic is himself not very suited to the real fighting (having very little ammo for whatever weapon you pick for him, and he can’t heal himself), but he can of course keep the rest of his team functioning that much longer. The medic can heal teammates he’s next to by selecting the Heal Teammate option in the Special menu, and then pressing and holding the use key. He gets points for restoring a certain amount of health to a teammate. Healing doesn’t work when either player is shooting or meleeing, and stops if either player does that once healing started, so pick your time and place carefully! A wounded teammate can only be restored to a maximum of 75% of his start health. Healing also removes any special damage effects suffered by the player, like dizzy spells, blackouts etc. LMG Gunner, Close Combat Gunner, Sniper and Rifleman classes. These classes speak for themselves pretty much. This mod tries to place them more squarely in the role they’re meant for (you won’t see any across-the-map sniping with an SMG or pistol in this mod, nor a sniper whipping out an SMG and happily joining the room-to-room fighting), but their weapons are what you would expect: the LMG, SMG, sniper rifle and regular rifle respectively. Unique to Rifle Platoon right now is that EVERY team has an LMG gunner, due to the addition of the DP and mobile MG42 weapons! Veteran System Becoming a veteran. The veteran is not a class you can pick; instead, you can become a veteran by gaining veteran points. Veteran points are gained by killing enemies (and in the case of medics, by healing teammates), and in objective gametypes also by fulfilling the objective. They are lost by dying or teamkilling. The exact number of veteran points needed to become and remain a veteran is determined by the server admin, but by default you gain veteran status when you get three or more veteran points, and you lose the status again when you drop below three veteran points. An example: you kill three enemies during a round, and die yourself too. This gives you two veteran points (three for the kills, minus one for dying). If the next round you kill two more, and do not die yourself, you’ll end that round with four veteran points, and start the next round as a veteran. If in subsequent rounds you die more than you kill, and your veteran points drop below three, you’ll lose the veteran status and consequently the health bonus and extra loadout options (if you were using a veteran loadout, you’ll be prompted to select a new “regular” loadout). Veterans count as the class they were when they became veterans (or became when they were veterans), so the restrictions mentioned still stand: a veteran can be a medic, sniper or close combat gunner just as easily as a “regular” rifleman! Most new loadouts appear in the rifleman loadout options, although some extra specialist class loadouts will be added when the necessary weapons are ready (like a G43 semi-automatic sniper rifle for a german veteran sniper, an SVT-40 for a russian veteran officer or rifleman etc - look for these in a next version!). Veteran benefits. Veterans have 125 health points, and for some classes one or more new loadout options will appear as described above. Veteran medics get an extra 50 healing points. Special Menu The Special menu is accessible only when you’re alive in-game, and it will be the default menu when you press escape, so you can quickly use the functions by pressing escape and then the number of the menu option (ie esc-2 will shoulder/holster your weapon). To supply ammo or a grenade to a teammate, select the relevant menu option, and then press and hold the use button when you’re close to a teammate. A message will appear on the teammate’s screen telling him to press and hold the use button to accept the ammo or grenade, and if he does, the transfer is done (taking about 2 seconds). The medic accesses his ability to heal teammates from the Special menu too, which works more or less the same as supplying ammo. The target teammate doesn’t need to press a key to be healed when the medic tries to heal him, however as the medic is locked in place as long as he’s trying, and the distance at which the healing works is really small, no healing “on the move” is possible. Healing is also interrupted if the target moves away from the medic, or if either of them is shooting, getting hit or similar things. The officer has access to the Request Barrage command in the Special Menu, after which he is shown first a direction indication window and then, if he selects a direction (north, west-southwest etc), a distance selection window. The request can be canceled by pressing escape in either of the two windows, but once a selection has been made in both of them, the barrage cannot be stopped anymore. See the officer description in the Class System above for more info on the barrage. Complete Fog Of War System Except for the officer, no player can see the location of his teammates on the compass, nor the location of objectives when gametypes having objectives are supported. In addition, you do not see who killed who in the console, nor will the scoreboard show any dogtags, score changes or deaths changes during the round (although these will all show when the round ends). This sounds like nothing special at first, but playing on a server with more than a few players, you’ll soon find that this makes for a very immersive game – you have no idea how many of your teammates are alive (unless you’re on TS), how many of the enemy are alive, or if that something you hear moving through the brushes is friend or foe. The only way to know your back or flanks are covered is to stay close to your teammates, and you’ll only know for sure you killed an enemy if you stand over his dead body! Note that if Complete Fog of War is turned off by the server admin, still only officers will be able to see teammates and objectives on the compass. Weight system The weapons have had their weights (as reflected in movement speed, weapon switch speed and similar things) made more realistic. In addition, the pistols and grenades have four versions which differ only in their movement speed, and when you switch to pistol or grenades, you get the one with the movement speed most closely resembling the movement speed of your primary weapon. This means there’s hardly any noticeable speed increase when switching to pistol or grenades. The weight of the weapon is also reflected in other weapon handling things like bringing your weapon up to aim, switching weapon etc. Locational Damage System With the locational damage system we mean special effects occuring based on where or by what a player is hit. n you drop your weapon when shot in the hand or arm n you are forced prone for a certain time (depending on how badly you were hit) when shot in the legs, and you also fall down when surviving a grenade blast n you suffer shellshock effect when losing a certain amount of health to grenades, rockets, mortars or getting bashed on the head n You suffer one of five possible effects when your health drops below 25: o blackouts (your screen goes black for a few seconds, and when the darkness lifts you find yourself on the ground, facing another direction than you were, your weapon lying somewhere next to you) o dizzy spells (shellshock effect) o red haze (a red haze drops in front of your eyes, making it hard to see until it clears again) o coughing fits (you start to cough heavily, during which you can’t use your weapon – and the enemy better not be around searching for you right then) o white spots (you continuously see white spots on your screen, “blinking” on and off in ever changing locations) All of these effects can be cured by a medic. Unfortunately, at present it’s not really possible to have a player’s accuracy or speed be affected by his health. Realistic Weapon Handling While there are definitely even more possibilities to make the way weapons are used and handled still more realistic, RP incorporates a lot of these measures already. The most obvious of these are: n No carrying two primaries – picking up a primary will make you drop the one you’re holding. n Reload by clip – reloading when your clip is not empty yet will still deduct a full clip’s worth of bullets from your ammo, but the bullets you had left in the clip come back later as “used” clips when your full clips are spent. n Damage dropoff – the further you are away from your target, the less damage you do. Ranges of the weapons are based on their real counterparts (but scaled down to fit the CoD maps); some weapons (SMG’s and pistols mainly) won’t do any damage if the target is too far away. Furthermore, a lot of smaller changes have been made to pretty much all weapons: slower weapon switch times, slower bring-up-to-aim times, slower reload times with synched sounds, bad accuracy when unaimed and even worse when moving, more realistic weight and damage settings, no crosshairs, cookable grenades (but see known bugs), and probably some minor changes I don’t even remember anymore ;-). Server configuration Following is a list detailing all the RP settings you can set in a server config file. Note that some options from version 0.8b have actally been removed, because some optional features had to become fixed to make other new features work, and some options when switched off were just too unrealistic to have a right to exist in a realism mod (like crosshairs, which are now permanently off, period). With settings which can only take a “0” or “1” value, the “0” means the setting is off, and the “1” that it’s on. Game settings The Elimination gametype supports the following stock settings: scr_killcam (default off) scr_freelook (default off) scr_spectateenemy (default off) scr_friendlyfire (default on) scr_teambalance (default off) scr_drawfriend (default off) g_allowvote (default on) In addition, the following options are specific for Elimination: elm_switchbases (possible values “0” and “1”, default “0”) – with this on, the teams’ starting positions will be swapped every round. elm_roundlimit (possible values “1” and above, default “8”) – the number of rounds of Elimination played on each map elm_roundlength (possible values “1” and above, default “4”, fractions (like 3.5) allowed) – the length of each round in minutes elm_graceperiod (possible values “0” to “60”, default “15”) – length of the grace period for each round The following are general Rifle Platoon settings which work for all gametypes supporting RP. Note that RP options are set at the start of a round; any changes made during the round will only take effect when the next round starts! rp_enableFogOfWar (possible values “0” or “1”, default “1”) – with this on, the Complete Fog of War system is enabled. When set to “0”, you see death messages, scores, dogtags etc as usual. rp_medichealpoints (possible values “0”to “500”, default “250”) – this sets the number of healing points a medic starts the round with. rp_allow2primaries (possible values “0” or “1”, default “0”) – if this is set to on, players can carry two primaries. rp_reloadwholeclips (possible values “0” or “1”, default “1”) – if this is set to on, weapons reload by whole clips rather than by whatever the weapon used. rp_basemovementspeedonprimary (possible values “0” or “1”, default “1”) – with this option set to on, players don’t get a (noticeable) speed burst when switching to pistol or grenades. rp_gainvetstatus (possible values “0” to “10”) – the number of veteran points a player needs to become a veteran. rp_losevetstatus (possible values “0” to “10”) – the number of veteran points where a player loses veteran status Barrages can be configured extensively. Be sure to try the default settings first, so you more or less understand what each setting does. They have not been documented, but some logical limitations have been implemented. rp_maxBarrages (default 2) – the maximum number of barrages an officer can request in a round. rp_barrageDeviation (default 500) – the maximum number of inches the explosions in a barrage deviate from the requested location. rp_minExplosions (default 10) – the minimum number of explosions in a barrage. *1) rp_maxExplosions (default 14) - the maximum number of explosions in a barrage. *1) rp_damageRadius (default 400) – the radius of the explosion within which damage is sustained. rp_minTimeBetweenExplosions (default 0.5) – minimum time in seconds between the explosions in a barrage. *2) rp_maxTimeBetweenExplosions (default 2) - maximum time in seconds between the explosions in a barrage. *2) rp_timeBetweenBarrages (default 60) – the time in seconds after which an officer can request a new barrage. rp_minTimeBeforeBarrage (default 10) – the minimum time in seconds between a request for a barrage and the start of the actual barrage. *3) rp_maxTimeBeforeBarrage (default 20) – the maximum time in seconds between a request for a barrage and the start of the actual barrage. *3) *1) The actual number of explosions in a barrage will be a random number between these two settings. *2) The actual times between explosions in a barrage will be a random number between these two settings. *3) The actual time between a request and the start of the actual barrage will be a random number between these two settings. Custom maps See rifleplatooncustommapsreadme.htm for more info on the map pack and using other custom maps. Known bugs & glitches As mentioned earlier, there are sure to be some bugs and glitches in this mod, as it’s still a beta release. I would love to hear about any bug, glitch or weird behavior, as well as ideas for features which would fit in the mod! However, some bugs are already known: No animations for the new weapons – The DP and MG34 do not have the right animations, although this is only really noticeable when reloading. Slow animations for some weapon actions – When the time a certain action takes, like reloading or putting away a weapon, is slowed down, CoD automatically slows down the animation too. Sometimes this isn’t really noticeable unless you actively pay attention to it, but in some cases it is pretty obvious the animation runs in slomo. This is NOT a bug; while it sometimes looks a bit weird, the time the whole action takes is what matters, so while the animation shows you lowering your weapon very slowly, you’re actually shouldering your weapon as quickly as you can, when you see a very slow reload animation, you’re actually rifling through your pockets in search of a clip! We hope that some day, we’ll be able to either supply the right animations to go with the slower times, or to edit the existing animations somehow, but I wouldn’t hold my breath until then ;-). Getting disconnected when you “leave” the game – if you alt-tab (or alt-enter, or whatever way you use to get out of the game without quitting it), and stay out of the game for too long, you might get disconnected with some sort of overflow message. This is caused by the server sending you information which your game doesn’t process (and may be speeded up because RP uses a lot of client cvars). Crashes and other weird behavior when running HLCRCon – for some reason, this remote admin tool seems to interfere with RP menus and other stuff, so you should not have this in your CoDMain fiolder when playing RP. Note that we noticed this because some testers happened to use HLCRCon, and it might just as well occur with other mods (see the installation instructions for tips on how to prevent this). Cookable grenades – the grenades are cookable, ie you can press and hold the mouse button before you release, so they will “cook off” makoing them explode faster after release. However, there is a bug in the engine at the moment (probably introduced in 1.4 as before it seemed to work fine) which, when the grenade is held so long it explodes in your hand, makes a second grenade be thrown anyway. As this doesn’t give a special advantage to anyone stupid enough to hold a grenade that long, we decided to let it in, hoping a next patch fixes this. Future of Rifle Platoon Because this is something we do for fun first, and only became something to release to the public because we were asked to do so, we will definitely keep on playing around and see what features can be added which increase realism while not impeding playability too much, no matter if Rifle Platoon is praised or ground into the dirt J. Things we have planned (but not guaranteed to be in the very next version) are: n Compatibility with more gametypes: Zeus’s Escape gametype, some demolition-like gametype (realistic S&D), some Conquest-like gametype n The right pistols for the russians and british n More veteran-only weapons (those which were used in WW2, but in small numbers, like the german G43, the russian SVT-40 etc) n Binoculars for the officer class n Revamped menus n new skins, especially for medic and officer. A little farther along the road we hope to add the following (although these seem impossible right now due to limitations of what’s available in script): n Some sort of stamina / heart rate system, with different movement speeds (walk, jog, sprint). n More detailed weight system, to take into account not only the primary weapon but all equipment carried. n Bullet drop. I’m sure there’s a lot of features either already out there in some mod or as yet not implemented anywhere that would fit right in! If you’re interested in seeing those in a future version of Rifle Platoon, be sure to e-mail us about them, or post on the IW Nation forums. We’re always open to suggestions and ideas! Credits Most of the features in this mod were coded by Zeus, even when there were versions of the feature out there already. The DP was modeled and skinned by Pirate, and UV-mapped by Whizkey. The MG34 was modeled and skinned by Daffy. Almost all weapons use flash and smoke effects made by W. Irving.. Some of the features were discussed and in some cases conceived on the IWNation forums, most notable in the “Hardware realism?” topic in the general CoD forum. Many people contributed ideas and opinions there, but deserving explicit mention are Koenig and Liberator for their knowledge sharing and fact finding, and RedMercury and W. Irving for their experiments with many aspects of implementing realism in CoD. The medic functionality from Ravir’s Demolition mod was used as a base for RP’s medic. Even though the way a medic works in Rifle Platoon is quite different, the animations used to show you’re healing or getting healed, and the basic idea of the medic code, are his. Also, some of the modders on the IW Nation forums have been really helpful getting me up to speed on game scripting in general and CoD scripting in particular (as this is my first forray into the world of game scripting). Too many individuals to mention them by name, but to all: thanks for your input guys! If you feel you deserve named credit for whatever reason, be sure to contact me! It’s not my intent to steal other people’s code or ideas (as opposed to using them and giving credit for it that is – as a programmer I know the value of code reuse), but as Rifle Platoon has grown for a while now we might have just just forgotten where some feature came from! Contact details The best way to reach us is probably by posting on the IWNation forums (http://www.iwnation.com/Forums/index.php), preferably the modding ones, or sending one of us a PM if you want to “keep it down” (we use the handles Zeus[BTY], Pirate and Whizkey there). You can also e-mail the RP team on rifleplatoon@xs4all.nl . BTY, the clan Zeus, Pirate and Whizkey are members of (in fact, they’re all clan leaders), can be visited on http://www.btyclan.com . Note that Rifle Platoon does not have its own website or forums (yet).