Out of Hell 7 July 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. NovoPlay and HBM sent us some screenshots from the English version of Light and Darkness, a fantasy MMORPG, which centers around the deadly conflict between the two sides.

2. Through July 17th, Digimon Masters is hosting a variety of hot summer festivities. Kicking off the fun is the Fruit of the Goddess Event that allows players who acquired any of the newly released Digimon to enter. You can collect icy treats including giant growth fruit, ice flakes and strawberry ice flakes in this new "I like Ice Flakes" event. Once players have cooled off, they can participate in daily GM events including suppressing the Virus Icemons invading the real world.

3. Atlus has announced that Persona 4 Arena is the first PlayStation 3 game to be region-locked. "This is NOT the beginning of a new ATLUS policy, nor do we view it as a precedent or a slippery slope. If anything, your determination and dedication to what you believe in has certainly stood in the face of that. This is an isolated case, a situation precipitated by a number of factors, some of which are simply out of our North American hands. Moreover, and perhaps there is no way to convince our fans of this considering the magnitude of the betrayal many are feeling, but we are not doing this out of malice or a desire to control."