New Art Academy Trailer

Learn new drawing and painting techniques, experience new art materials and share your art with family and friends via your Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo has released a movie for New Art Academy, a 3DS game in which you paint and draw your own masterpieces and sharing them with your friends and family. Jam-packed with 32 brand-new lessons, New Art Academy features both Introductory and Advanced lessons - whether you are an old master or a complete novice - offering easy to follow, step-by-step guides to a variety of drawing and painting techniques, styles and materials.
To enhance your learning experience even further and to resemble your real-life inspirations best, some of the reference images for the lessons are now displayed as 3D videos, such as a tree with moving leaves or a river with flowing water. And if you just want to doodle or to practice a technique you have just learned, such as creating a stunning portrait, the Free Paint mode gives you an unlimited blank canvas to use at your will as well as a wide range of art materials to practice with.
New Art Academy launches across Europe on July 28th.