Bust-N-Rush Dated

A challenging 3D arcade game with procedurally generated levels
Techtonic Games today unveiled that Bust-N-Rush will be released on July 31st, 2012, for PC, Mac and web browsers. Bust-N-Rush is a fast paced 3D arcade runner that puts you in the shoes of the armored Juggernaut-like hero Kovo. Kovo embarks on an audacious quest to quench his burning thirst for vengeance when his best friend Paco, a plastic pink flamingo, is savagely destroyed by the machine monstrosity, the Satellite of Wub.
You will rush through three procedurally generated worlds of treacherous terrain while smashing powerful items that send you flying through the air or flip gravity's direction. You can complete Quest Mode to increase your skill, Survival Mode to test the limits of your abilities, and post your high scores online via your favorite social media sites with the Bust-A-Friend Mode.