New Universal Combat Titles Announced

3000AD Inc announced today Universal Combat : Hold The Line, an add-on for the original Universal Combat game. The release date is set before the Christmas holiday this year and the price will range between $19.99 and $29.99. Universal Combat – Edge To Edge is the working title of another new game set for early 2005, but the producers clearly stated that "this title will no longer be released under the Universal Combat brand". Press 'read more' for details and check some character renders from the upcoming add-on.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fort Lauderdale, Florida; July 8th 2004 – 3000AD Inc has today released new product information. Universal Combat – Edge To Edge After careful consideration and due to various discussions following the release of Universal Combat (previously Battlecruiser Generations) in early February this year, it has been decided that in order to create a truly innovative action title, we had to create a new action focused game franchise for it. As most already know from various media sources and from playing the game, Universal Combat is, at its core, a Battlecruiser title, despite the publisher recommended name and focus change while in mid development. As accurately pointed out by Denny Atkin in his 3/5 star review of this fifth generation Battlecruiser title which appeared in the July 2004 issue of Computer Games Magazine, “Universal Combat could very well be called Battlecruiser 3000AD 5.0” Whereas Universal Combat offers unsurpassed depth of play and extensive innovation, this new franchise focuses on seat-of-your-pants action, that will appeal to veteran Battlecruiser/Universal Combat players, as well as newcomers looking for a truly innovative easy to play action game. Our history has been in the creation of innovative games and this new action franchise will be no different. To this end, this title will no longer be released under the Universal Combat brand. Until a new name is announced later, UCE2E currently exists purely to serve as a working title. The release date is set for the early part of 2005. Universal Combat : Hold The Line We have no immediate plans to develop another stand alone Battlecruiser title in the short term. As such, today we are announcing the above currently in progress addition to the Universal Combat franchise. Our aim with UCHTL is to improve on various critical aspects of the previous title in order to provide an even more advanced and fun title based on lessons learned from the previous offering. Probably the last of its kind in the Battlecruiser series as we have come to know it, we are making UCHTL the all-encompassing game with as much advancements and fun filled gameplay in first person planet-side careers as is currently seen in the space borne careers. An extensive FAQ which will be frequently updated to reflect inbound questions is located at . About 3000AD Inc Established in 1992 and headed by sixteen year industry veteran Derek Smart, 3000AD Inc is a privately owned independent developer of PC games. The company is most famous for its industry recognized Battlecruiser series.