Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD PC Version Confirmed and Screens/Trailers

The best of the first two THPS videogames in one digital title
Activision has confirmed that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD will arrive on PC later this summer - the Xbox Live Arcade version comes out on July 18 as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade, and the PSN and PC versions will hit a few weeks after.
The single-player campaign will feature a combination of all-new game modes alongside some of the classics. Fans of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground will see that Hawkman has made a return: a game mode where players fly around levels collecting a series of colored pellets before time runs out (think Pac-Man on skateboards). A brand-new mode to the series is Big Head Survival, where players have a head that's constantly growing and the only way to stop the swelling is to perform tricks before it gets too big and explodes.
Also, you can do manuals as part of trick combos in THPS HD. Given the fact that this game combines the best gameplay from THPS1 and THPS2, reverts will not work as part of trick combos in the initial launch of THPS HD as that mechanic was not introduced until THPS3. However, reverts will work in the post-release DLC for the THPS3 levels, as those levels were originally designed to accommodate this.
Several fresh screenshots and a pair of two videos have been added in our download section.