Soul Captor Open Beta Started and Trailer

Enter the world of Soul Captor with your trusty Anima by your side now
Releasing a new video, Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that Soul Captor, a free-to-play MMO which aims to offer gamers an epic fantasy adventure filled with challenging quests, comradery and magic, has entered open beta testing. One of the game's core gameplay mechanics is a Soul System that allows players to capture fallen enemies in the Soulpedia and can use them as mounts. The Anima companion system gives players a little helper that offers on-the-fly defensive, offensive or healing capabilities.
The game offers both PvE and PvP gameplay modes and uses a comprehensive achievement system to please competative players. A special Friends System allows players to advance bonds with others and gain buffs and bonusses. With six classes to choose from, players can complement each other with their respective unique powers.