ESPN NFL 2005 Will Ship Earlier

Evil Avatar is reporting that ESPN NFL 2005, the next chapter of ESPN Videogames football series, will be released on July 20th instead of August 10th. Check out the E3 2004 trailer if you haven't done so yet, and check the full story for screenshots and details about the game.
ESPN NFL 2K5 is the best looking and best playing football game this season with the inclusion of several new gameplay enhancements: Maximum Tackle™ - Players can now decide to go for the big hit or the wrap-up tackle. While a big hit is harder to execute, it can cause a fumble if successful; the wrap-up tackle is easier to make but allows the ball carrier a chance to escape. Momentum cutbacks - Player movement is now more realistic with all new momentum cutbacks where players can make defenders over-pursue ball carriers with more effective jukes, head-fakes, stop-n-gos, and more. QB Evade - Need to avoid a tackle but want the QB to stay in the pocket? With the new QB Evade feature, new evasion moves help keep the QB cool when the pressures on. If that weren’t enough, ESPN NFL 2K5 has enhanced defensive adjustments to include player specific adjustments allowing gamers to double team specific receivers, spy on the QB and much more.