The Trouble With Robots Trailer and Screens

Build decks, cast spells, summon powerful creatures (or hordes of angry peasants), and defeat legions of robots
Digital Chestnut has released the first movie and screenshots from The Trouble With Robots, a game inspired by collectible card games, but has real-time gameplay from a side-scrolling perspective. The Trouble With Robots is set in a fantasy world that's having a bit of trouble with... robots. Having arrived on a giant spaceship, the robots utterly fail to perceive that this magical world isn't quite the same as the high-tech society they came from.
Players prepare for each level by building a deck, selecting from 40 cards in the game. The cards they choose determine what kind of army they can summon and what spells they have to support it. The player can rely on powerful units like trolls and dragons, range units like elven archers, or an enormous horde of angry peasants.
The Trouble With Robots will include 18 story levels and 4 challenge levels. Players travel through a variety of locations and meet increasingly powerful robots as the humorous story evolves. Finally, there is a special 'limited mode' for extended play.