March on Oz Gameplay Trailers

RTS-style Road Defense game coming later this year
City State Entertainment has released three gameplay movies from March on Oz, a game set in the magical Worlds of Oz that combines strategy and action as you defend the road of yellow bricks on your journey to liberate the Emerald City from the Nomes. The game offers over 50 levels (with 2 difficulty settings), mini-games, full musical score and sound effects, plus over 50 3D models and effects.
City State Entertainment was founded in early March 2011 by Mark Jacobs, co-founder and former CEO of Mythic Entertainment and GM/VP at Electronic Arts and co-founder Andrew Meggs, former Senior Software Engineer from Bethesda Games Studios, Mythic Entertainment and Troika Games. Mark serves as the studio's President and Creative Director while Andrew is the Technical Director and Lead Programmer.
March on Oz will be initially released for iPad 2 & 3, with the PC, Android and other versions to be launched later this year.