Adventurer Polish Video Dev Diary

Part 1 of a series of developer diaries for the upcoming action / adventure game from The Farm 51
The Farm 51 has released the first video developer diary for Adventurer (working title), a game that mixes the adventure and first person shooter genres. Set in the late 1930's, Adventurer follows a private detective from San Francisco as he gets drawn into a mysterious quest to uncover an artifact of significant power. Unbeknownst to him, foreign intelligence officers are searching for the same artifact. This adventure will take him on an insane journey to striking locations all over the globe. As the plane carrying our hero and his companion crashes in an undiscovered region of the Yucatan, the player will soon find out that they are not alone in the jungle. Searching for the same artifact, enemy soldiers have awakened an ancient evil at one of their excavation sites. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, Adventurer is planned for a 2013 release for Xbox 360 and PC.