Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC Released and Trailer

The fighting is fiercest when it's your home at stake
BioWare today announced that the Mass Effect 3: Earth has been launched for Xbox 360 and PC worldwide, and for PlayStation 3 owners in North America (the pack will be available for PS3 in Europe tomorrow). Mass Effect 3: Earth is available to download at no additional charge.
Mass Effect 3: Earth adds mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London. It features three new weapons: Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon assault rifle. Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept - each comes complete with new and powerful abilities and melee attacks.