Guild Wars 2 Cinematic Trailers

Once a player has chosen a character, class, and name, the first experience you have with the story of Guild Wars 2 is the opening cinematic
We have three new videos for Guild Wars 2, showcasing this upcoming MMORPG sequel developed by ArenaNet and due to be launched in both Europe and North America on August 28, 2012. Building on sales of more than 7 million units of the original game, Guild Wars 2 promises to redefine massively multiplayer online roleplaying games with visceral, action-orientated combat; a gorgeous, living world full of constantly evolving dynamic events; customisable personal storylines that are unique to each player; intense Player vs. Player combat between small teams or massive armies; and most importantly, a shared online world where players work together as allies instead of as rivals - all with no monthly subscription fee.