Heroes of Newerth Becomes Free-to-Own and Trailer

The time has come to make the HoN gameplay experience open to all users
On Friday, July 20th, Heroes of Newerth will become Free-to-Own, with all heroes released becoming free for all players, S2 Games announced. All players who purchased a hero for gold coins will be given an exclusive Mecha Gemini Alt Avatar for free. Legacy players will also receive the exclusive Mecha Gemini, plus a very special thank you in the form of the Legacy Bonus which rewards Legacy accounts with an extra two silver coins for every ranked (i.e. non-Mid Wars) matchmaking game they play.
Developers will also be restructuring the pricing in the HoN Store. A majority of items will have a price adjustment making a significant amount of content easier to earn with silver coins. S2 Games is also working on an all new "Gated Mode" that will feature a static hero pool of iconic heroes. Gated Mode will offer the perfect controlled environment for players new and old to hone their skills and familiarize themselves with the HoN gameplay experience.
A new trailer is now locally mirrored.