Forge of Empires: The Colonial Age Unveiled

Browser title continues success with an additional age
InnoGames announced today that The Colonial Age, an additional age for its strategy browser game Forge of Empires, will come with additional military units and buildings, some of them already displayed in graphics published along the release. An Update containing the Colonial Age is planned to go live within the next month.
One of the features announced there are the Great Buildings. By collecting blueprints, and with the help of friends and guild members, players will construct some of the most legendary buildings in history, like the Coliseum, Angkor Wat or Notre Dame. These buildings provide cities with significant stat boosts. Also, several new multiplayer-aspects will enrich the game. Next to the friend's lists feature and additional social interactions, fans of competitive multiplayer can look forward to live-PvP fights and guild-versus-guild battle maps. Guild battles will involve a large number of players who can collaborate and fight each other. All these features are planned to be implemented within this year.